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Our Employer and Business Services

Working with French Exec means you have access to a range of business services to help you establish a presence in France. We help businesses by offering three key solutions:

  1. Companies setting up a presence for the first time who need help finding local expertise
  2. International businesses wanting to hire senior managers experienced in building successful relationships between a local French business unit and an international headquarters.
  3. Short term change projects that require high levels of expertise without committing to onerous employment contracts

We work closely with you to understand your business objectives and the personal characteristics suitable to meet those needs.


Executive and Management Search

If you are planning to establish a business presence in France, you already have the Capital, Product or Service, and Operational capabilities – the missing ingredient is local talent. We work with you to identify key people such as French Sales Managers for Business Development and New Market Entry, French General Managers and Country Managers to establish and lead a Business Unit, Marketing, HR or Finance Professionals.

We conduct interviews face to face, preferably in the regional area and have a range of assessment tools that can be administered in French and simultaneously translated into the hiring manager’s language. As experts in working with international companies, we can guide you past the pitfalls of hiring in France and ensure that the shortlisted candidates have the experience and behaviours suitable to work in a cross cultural business environment.


Executive Interim Management

Making changes in the French business environment is a complex undertaking best suited to those with a proven track record. Adding an executive interim manager to your team can help better equip your company to deal with business critical changes that can be handled as one-off projects without incurring the risk of falling foul of French culture, legal requirements and particularly employment law. We can provide executive level interim managers for immediate start in most business functions to help your business reduce the burden in short term change projects such as re-structuring, turnaround, acquisitions and new market entry.

Our executive interim managers are carefully vetted by us and some of the best in France so that you can be confident in the level of expertise they will provide to your business. 

As experts in their field, highly experienced Interim Managers can add value immediately without needing an extended induction period. They bring a broad perspective as most have a background as senior managers and executives and can inject a sense of urgency and direction into your organization that can be cascaded down to other employees and, because they are an objective member of the team, they do not get involved in internal politics and are often helpful as a sounding board both for you and other managers.


Business Consultancy and Support Services

Having worked with many foreign headquartered businesses, we have often been asked to provide more than just recruitment services. Our concept of “Land and Expand” includes the contacts and network of business professionals you need to make a success of establishing a legal entity, tax and financial compliance, drawing up employment contracts or undertaking business restructures.


Payroll Services in France

If you’re looking to hire in France but don’t have the time and resource to register a subsidiary, branch office or consider the minefield that is local labour laws then look no further.

Our payroll services can ensure you are fully compliant with French laws. Your employee can be placed in our locally compliant payroll and assigned to work exclusively for you, transforming your international payroll into one, simple, monthly invoice. This makes it easy to hire employees overseas without unnecessary added legal cost and tax issues.

If you’d like to speak to us about this or any of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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